Cahaba Valley Fire & EMR District
2021 Special Election

You spoke and we listened.

During 2019 surveys were sent out as an opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas for the future of the District. After those were returned, a strategic planning committee was created to consolidate and evaluate the surveys. From this, the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan was developed. We are now to the point of putting the Strategic Plan into action. Like many things finances are important and to that end, the Board of Cahaba Valley Fire and EMR District has successfully petitioned the court to hold an election for changes in our service rate schedule.

Updated: August 20, 2021

Status of election: Shelby County Probate Judge ordered the election to be held on Aug. 31, 2021

When is the election?

  • August 31, 2021 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Where is the election being held?

  • North Shelby Baptist Church 4100 Belcher Drive Birmingham, AL 35242

Who can vote?

What will the additional funds be used for?

  • Increase the number of duly certified firefighters and paramedics for the Narrows station and Mt Laurel station.
  • Improve response times and resource deployment by placing an additional engine company and ambulance in service.
  • Maintain present ISO rating, and actively pursue an improved rating.
  • Pursue accreditation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) and Commission on Accreditation to become an accredited professional organization meeting the diverse needs of a growing community.
  • Build a new fire station at Brook Highland Pkwy and Missionary Ridge.
  • Service and maintain existing firefighting equipment and upgrade as needed.
  • Service and maintain existing ambulance and pumper units and upgrade and purchase new units as required.

What major changes are being proposed in this election?

  • After feedback from the community the petition that included a flat rate residential fee was withdrawn and a new petition filed. The new petition keeps the 12 tier scale that is based on home value as assessed by the Shelby County Property Tax Commissioner's Office. The rate increase is to be applied over two years. Year 1 (FY2022) will have a 35 percent increase followed by a 30 percent increase in year 2 (FY2023).
  • Commercial rates will increase by 20 percent.


  •  Increases number of available ambulances available to the District. Click to see CBS 42 Article on ambulance shortages in Central Alabama           Click to see ABC 33/40 article on ambulance shortages
  • Increases the department’s Effective Response Force on critical incidents (Number of personnel available to respond)
  •  Increased staffing decreases the number of times units are unavailable for calls. (Currently 83 times per month multiple calls are dispatched simultaneously.)
  • Reduces response times district wide
  • Reduces amount of time to put the proper number of firefighters on scene, which reduces proper damage.

Supporting Documents

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Public Notifications:

Published in Shelby County Reporter classifieds weekly beginning August 1, 2021 until the election as required by law.

July 9, 2021 Shelby County Reporter-

July 12, 2021 ABC 3340 Local News-

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July 30, 2021 Shelby County Reporter-

Community Meetings were held:

Date                    Time                     Location

July 12, 2021       7:00 PM               145 Narrows Drive Birmingham, AL 35242 (Station 185)

July 13, 2021       7:00 PM               60 Manning Place Birmingham, AL 35242 (Station 183)

July 27, 2021       7:00 PM               5487 Highway 280 Birmingham, AL 35242 (Station 181)

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