2023 Special Election

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Status of Election:

03/28/2023- Election results certified by Probate

03/21/2023- 7 a.m to 7 p.m. election to be held

02/15/2023- Allison S. Boyd Judge of Probate issued Order & Notice of Election.

02/14/2023- A petition for election has been submitted to the Shelby County Probate Judge.

Election Results

certified by probate March 28, 2023.

YES- 818


The Cahaba Valley Fire & EMR District Board proposes a change to the Service Charge Schedule to support retention of firefighters with competitive pay, provide appropriate staffing levels to meet the community needs, and restore previous ambulance services.

YES- 609


Proposed rates increase for FY25, FY26, FY27, and FY28 of an additional 4 percent above the standard allowed increase to support and maintain long term sustainability of the Fire District.

YES- 637


Proposed addition of item 16 “The Board of Trustees may invoke a capital improvement service charge of a maximum of $100 per year to support capital purchases. This would be limited to one capital project at a time and additional projects would not be started until the current project is fully funded. (i.e. fire trucks, ambulances, firefighting equipment, or facilities)

YES- 868


Proposed changes to item 14 of the Schedule of Service Charges to allow the District to bill for ambulance transports. “The Board of Trustees has determined that ambulance service shall be provided within the District, and the Board shall establish the appropriate charge for such service provided. CVFD shall bill the individual’s insurance (if applicable) first, any cost not covered by insurance becomes the responsibility of the individual or the responsible party.

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