Resident program applications have been suspended until further notice.

The resident program is currently full. Administration has made the decision to temporarily suspend applications.
Resident program applications have been suspended until further notice.

Resident Program

In 1997 we began a program utilizing resident staff as an alternative method of manning stations. This program was not a new concept at the time on the national level but was new to this region of the country. The resident personnel work and function as a regular member of the fire fighting and EMS staff. Residents exchange work for a place to live, utilities (except phone service), and gym membership. Also residents may choose to exchange extra shifts for tuition assistance for school. Extra shifts may become available for pay at the minimum wage rate.

Qualifications for the Program

· Clean Driving Record

· Clean Criminal Record

· Completion of Department First Thing’s First Test

· Interview with Coordinators

· Physical Ability Test

Resident Program Requirements

You will be required to complete the following at a MINIMUM:

· Licensed as an Emergency Medical Responder (NREMT & ADPH)

· Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Ambulance Certificate

· Firefighter I/II

· 24 hour shift every week in exchange for your room.

· Complete 2 years by Alabama state law within the program

(ALA CODE 36-21-7)

All minimum certifications will be paid for by the department before releasing to shift or additional shifts for pay.

Resident Stations

Apartments are located at the following stations:

·         Station 183 – 6 one room apartments

·         Station 184 – 4 two room apartments

·         Station 185 – 6 one room apartments


Tuition Assistance Program

For the Tuition Assistance Program you will be required to work an additional 24 hour shift every two weeks per semester for us to help pay for your education. You must be in the resident program and a full time student each semester to participate in this program. This program is based around an EMS program but can be used for any major as long as you are a full time student each semester.

For more information, please click the link below and complete the form to have a Resident Coordinator contact you.