Open Burn Permits and Burn Bans

NO OPEN BURNING PER A.D.E.M.  May 1 to Nov 1

Alabama law (9-13-11) requires that you obtain a permit from the Alabama Forestry Commission to conduct a prescribed burn for silvicultural and agricultural purposes. In general, the permit means the burner has the manpower and equipment to control the fire and agrees to stay with the fire until it is out. If the proposed fire is less than ¼ of an acre a permit is not necessary. Even though the burner has a permit, he/she is still responsible for any damage to others that may be caused by the fire or smoke.

The permit is issued through our dispatch center by calling (800) 392-5679. Certified Prescribed Burn Managers can get a permit online at Burnpermits.Forestry.Alabama.Gov.

CVFD Open Burn Permits

Cahaba Valley Fire & EMR District requires a Burn Permit for all open burns located in it’s district. You may obtain a burn permit by visiting Station 181 at 5487 Highway 280 Birmingham, AL 35242 or call 205-991-5267 for more information.

Definition of Open Burn- Open burning is any burning that takes place outside of an approved fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Examples include burning of leaves, grass clippings, burning construction debris, land clearing, property maintenance, or any fires built on the ground.

[] No burning during ban from May 1st and October 31st of each year or during other times specified     by ADEM ( or 1-334-271-7700) or when prohibited by the Alabama Forestry     Commission.

[] The location of the burn can not be located in a subdivision that has covenants against open     burning. Most subdivisions prohibit open burning. If a home owner wants to burn on their property     they must proved a current copy of their HOA’s covenants that do not prohibit open burning.     Contractors may burn in some subdivisions with prior permission from the HOA and a burn permit     issued by CVFD.

[] Burn must be 500 ft from nearest inhabited dwelling not on recipient’s property.

[] Burn location must be 50 ft from any structure (exception: 25 ft if fire is 3 ft or less in diameter and     2 ft or less in height).

[] Burn time between 8:00 am and sunset (Exception: bonfire, note requirements above).

[] Burn location must be 150 ft from public roadway and 250 ft from any major highway.

[] Natural vegetation, wood, or brush ONLY. (NO trash, shingles, tires, ETC.)

[] Burn must be attended by an adult, under NO influence of drugs or alcohol, for entire duration of     burn.

[] Permit may be revoked at any time for violation(s).

List of Burn Permits