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about us

We serve a great community

The Cahaba Valley Fire and EMR District provides fire suppression and emergency medical services including transport to approximately 25,000 customers as well as thousands of drivers traveling the Highway 280 corridor each day. Responding from four stations, the men and women of CVFD answer around 3,500 calls for assistance each year. The department’s response area is a mix of residential and commercial property located in the northern section of the county. CVFD provides protection to many subdivisions including Brook Highland, Highland Lakes, Highland Village, Eagle Point, Shoal Creek, The Narrows, Smyer Lake, Fowler Lake, Holly Brook Lake, and to the town of Mt. Laurel. Today, there are 18 full-time employees, 27 part time employees, 3 volunteers, and 16 with the Resident “Live-in” Program that trains firefighters for professional fire and EMS certification. The Fire District is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees who are residents of the Fire District. The Board members are elected to four-year terms and serve without compensation. 

The Cahaba Valley Fire and EMR District was formed October 1st, 1982 as a volunteer organization providing services to a largely undeveloped section of the Highway 280 corridor in northeastern Shelby County. The first paid firefighters began working in January 1987. The first paid fire chief began in 1990 and in 1993 services were provided to the Rex Lake Fire District.

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Cahaba Valley Fire and EMR District is to deliver professional and compassionate service through our unwavering duty to our community.

We will accomplish this through ongoing training and professional development, public education, risk reduction, and an efficient and effective response force.



We provide emergency response to structure, brush, trash, and forestry fires. We respond from three stations in the Cahaba Valley Fire District and one station from the Rex Lake Fire District. We are capable of responding with three pumpers (plus one reserve pumper), two ladder trucks, and a Special Response Unit ( Kubota side by side with forestry skid unit). 

Emergency Medical Response

The CVFD responds to all types of emergency medical responses within the district and in neighboring communities. The goal of the CVFD is to put the closest unit on scene in a timely manner and provide professional and compassionate service. We provide our customers with advanced life support services including transport to the hospital.  This is accomplished with four transport units plus one reserve.

Non Emergency Services

In addition to emergency services the CVFD provides many non emergency services to the community.  These include but are not limited to blood pressure checks at all stations, car seat installations, community CPR classes, smoke detector checks & installation,  public safety education (schools, day cares, offices), home safety inspections, and business inspections & pre-incident planning. 


We had the opportunity to use a structure that was scheduled for demolition to train on forcible entry techniques that minimize damage to doors.


We participate in every community event that we can. Our members enjoy attending HOA meetings, block parties, community festivals. In the picture above we had the pleasure of being visited by the Budweiser Clydesdale as part of their tour of Mt. Laurel. 


Both Engine 181 & Engine 183 carry a full compliment of extrication equipment. Engine 181 carries vehicle stabilization equipment, such as the ResQ Jacks pictured above.